Hi, my name is Alyece.
I’m a natural light photographer.

I like to be a little different than most. My hair changes color more than it probably should and if tattoos were free, I’d be covered in them. A few stupid jokes may come out of my mouth, but it makes for some genuine laughs.

I believe in many things: love, family, mindfulness, light, and laughter. I believe in kindness. I believe wholeheartedly in living a life less ordinary. I believe in telling real stories. The ones that capture the real emotions being felt at that moment.

I believe that being a photographer (documenting people, love, life, and stories) isn’t about perfection or proper poses. It’s about real life. The nitty-gritty. The messy and mundane. It’s everything unplanned and spontaneous. A million little bits and pieces strung together to make a whole.

It’s your life – real, authentic, and maybe even somewhat chaotic – being lived out loud in front of my lens. So this isn’t really about me at all. In fact, these are your stories. Your images. Your life.

This is all about you.

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